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Let your inner freak come out at one of East London’s most popular nightclubs


left- Maxi More

Dalston is known and has a reputation for being one of East London’s hot spots for going out. With a wide range of clubs and bars, there’s something for everyone here. Whether your music taste buds fancy a bit of jazz, old school hip-hop, techno or house, Dalston is where it’s at. A melting pot of East London’s creatives, you are bound to have a wicked night here.


The ultimate disco heaven. VFD, formerly known as Vogue fabrics Is a tight-knitted community of some of London’s fashion and art enthusiasts. If you haven’t heard of VFD.. I take it you’ve been living under a rock. The ultimate maison that exhuberates diversity and social weirdness within Dalston. It harbours all the creatives of East London’s art and fashion students all into one sweaty basement. Home to all who are aspiring to inspire and looking for a sense of escapism. Going to VFD has become a culture, a ‘norm’ for those creatives who dance their alter egos away. Everyone who goes there is a freak of some sort. It is embraced to be different here, that’s why it has become renowned. You almost feel obliged to expose some sort of flaw or insecurity to be able to comprehend and really get a feel for what this place is all about, what it stands for and what the message that it tries to convey to the youth culture of today.


A humble abode for the queers of London to unite in the hot box of glitter and fish-nets that is VFD. Emily Rose England, a frequent-goer of VFD had the following to say, “I do go there quite often as me and my friends run nights there and I like to support the queer scene in East London. It’s the community that makes VFD, and it’s a bit of a blank canvas that different clubs decorate how they want. VFD just lets you do what you want.” VFD is home to every person of different ethnic minorities, religions, backgrounds, and sexualities, that’s why it has such a huge following. Tatya Azanina, a lover of VFD said  “I love the vibe and the crowd is just very energetic and unique. I think it stands out because of the fact that It’s a queer club. It has a very different demographic. The space is so intimate so you get to talk and meet new people.” VFD is the place where you come to relieve yourself of life’s mundanities and to be surrounded by open-minded and alternative creatives. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in London and this place has cumulated to be one of the best gay experiences in East London.

Fabulous drag queen Mahatma A.K.A Hollycaust is performing with a few friends at VFD on the 29th of May, it’s bound to be a wild one. Hollycaust says that she loves VFD “even though it’s a dingy drabby basement, its where a lot of fun ensues. It’s like a house party where all weirdo’s are welcome, plus it’s cheap and cheerful. It’s a place that truly epitomises the gritty reality that Is the London LGBT or even just drag community. Dalston isn’t a place to strut your stuff in something expensive. It’s in between class and crass, and I think VFD fits the right genre. I enjoy going there to have a laugh and leave any stress of the real world behind. I’m into escapism.”

So if this hasn’t enticed you enough to make you want to explore the elusive eccentricity that is VFD, I don’t know what will.

For more information on up-coming events visit: http://vfdalston.com



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