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The biggest dessert craze of the moment has landed in London and is shaking up the streets of Dalston.

Molly Bakes was founded in 2012. When tough times hit bakery owner Maria Goodman, she found herself out of work and full with desire and passion to share her love and obsession of baking. Maria Goodman’s recent release of signature milkshakes have made the bakery the talk of the town and a serious London hotspot.
At the age of 29, Maria Goodman struck an interest in baking. Coming from a family of great bakers, Maria began taking baking advice from her mother. Upon finding herself unemployed, Maria put of her apron and began spending all her new found free time baking. After success with a stall on Brick Lane and office drop-ins, it took just six months for the Molly Bakes business to be founded. Online social media and word of mouth spread the news of the brand new ‘bakery’ and, within 8 months, they began receiving company commissions and the opportunity to be stocked in Selfridges.

Fast forward 4 years and now Molly Bakes is and independent bakery/café located on Kingsland road, Dalston. Living local to the area, Maria always felt Dalston was severely lacking in cake shops and stumbled upon the store by chance, “I had been looking for a premises for a while when I happened to walk past and see a to let sign in the window”. Maria has the intention to start mildly expanding, and “spread the cake across London”, however, she is adamant not to develop into a chain, “I prefer to keep things small, one shop takes up enough of my time!”.

Opened in January 2016, the café has brought customers from near and far for the unique range of delicious foods. Specialising in bespoke cakes, Molly Bakes has built its brand on tasty treats, ranging from mini cupcakes and cake pops to chocolates and wedding cakes. One of the most exciting things about Molly Bakes café located along Dalston’s high-street however, is their delicious range of specialised ‘freakshakes’. Maria admits: “Dalston isn’t really a tourist destination,” however has noticed the increase in tourists to the area since an article posted on Buzzfeed, and hopes this influx benefits surrounding businesses on the strip too.

The milkshakes, a major food trend in Australia, have proved immensely popular in the area as well as successfully attracting a wide variety of outsiders due to the shake’s rarity in London. “I saw them on Instagram last summer. They originated in Canberra, in Australia from a café called Patissez,” said Maria. “I wanted to go and try one but no-one in London was doing them. I thought it was a great opportunity as they seemed to be in such huge demand.”

The ‘freakshakes’ come in 4 flavours; chocolate, peanut butter, raspberry and salted caramel, made using fresh ice cream, and topped with sauces, brownies, cookies, tartlets, marshmallow and honeycomb all made fresh in the store. For just £7, it’s no surprise these are the bakery’s bestsellers and at the weekends, the bakery often sees two hour queues for the shakes alone.

Maria’s success is admirable and humbling, and it doesn’t just end at her café. Recently the business collaborated with Baileys for the London Coffee Festival, creating a limited edition ‘When Coffee Meets Baileys’ freakshake, proudly stating being deemed ‘the most Instagrammed thing at the festival’, and rightly so. As well as all this, even celebrities have got in on the action, and having baked for the likes of Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Cara Delevingne, there’s no guessing where this woman will go next.

One thing is exceptionally clear however; that this bakery has a bright and yummy future.

Series of pastry photographed for Molly Bakes, in it's new hackney shop, the 9th of February 2016.

Series of pastry photographed for Molly Bakes, in it’s new hackney shop, the 9th of February 2016.

Image Credit

Duo – Zoe Flammang

Visit the Molly Bakes website for more information


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