The Record Stores to Visit in Dalston

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The music scene in Dalston is transforming, as is the way we consume our music.

From record players to mp3s, the music scene in East London is constantly transforming, as is the way we consume it. Below are a few record stores in and around Dalston that are worth a visit. Bringing together music lovers in their own unique way the stores all have one thing in common. Tradition.




Opened by DJ Greg Brockmann in December 2015, Koncept has significantly transformed itself from its humble beginnings. Originally a basement record store hidden along Dalston’s high street, the days have seen it expand with a café and is now shared with the hair salon Modular run by Frenchman Florian Dovillez. Hosting regular art exhibitions and DJ nights, Koncept is the ideal place for all kind of creatives and likeminded people looking for a good time.

Specialising in house records, this store is thriving in Dalston’s youth culture and is not to be missed by any music enthusiasts.


lion coffee records

Lion Coffe & Records

Since 2014, Lion Coffee & Records have successfully run a chilled, laidback space, popular with local residents as well as frequent outside visitors. Regular events such as “Clapton Unplugged”, spoken word and poetry evenings, and “Coffee House Sessions” keep the store an exciting social hub, while still being the ideal place to go for classic vintage find.

The owners recently ran a 3-month pop up event held at GAP Oxford Street called ‘Coffee and Records’ with great success.



Kristina Records opened in 2011 and since, the light, open store has had great success with locals and visitors to the area alike. Stocking a variety of old and new independent records and artists, Kristina Records is a real treasure trove of special finds. Located on Stoke Newington Road, Kristina Records is the ideal place to visit after a fresh green juice from a nearby coffee shop while you browse the rest of Dalston’s edgy and exciting independent stores.

Image credits

Koncept – Image taken by Trifonia Asmar

Lion Coffee & Records – Image taken from the Lion Coffee & Records Instagram

Kristina Records – Image taken from Inverted-Audio


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