9 people you’ll find in Dalston

Culture, Lifestyle

A guide to the weird and wonderful types you may encounter in the area…

1.) The guy who claims to be a “musician” but really works nights in a basement bar

giphy (9).gif

2.) The foodie blogger who’s dying for a Big Mac

giphy (1)

3.) The graphic designer who purposely rolls up his jeans to show off his odd socks

giphy (3)

4.) The girl wearing glasses for no medical reason whatsoever

giphy (4)

5.) The student who can’t afford brunch but goes for an Instagram

giphy (7)

6.) The art school student who is “so over Shoreditch”

giphy (6)

7.) The guy who is unemployed but it’s okay because he has an idea for an app


8.)The guy whose beanie is so small it could fall off his head

giphy (8)

9.) The vegan who will tell you within the the first 5 minutes of meeting them

giphy (2)


all gifs sourced from http://www.giphy.com


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