Pegasus Faces Death Threats From Trump Supporters

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North-London’s street artist and political enthusiast, Pegasus’s recent comparison of Donald Trump to Hitler has resulted in a backlash of endless threatening telephone calls and frightening e-mails. Not only to the artist himself but to his manager, Leonard Villa.

“The most frightening threats were the kidnapping and gun violence towards Pegasus.” says the street-artist’s manager, Leonard Villa.

Pegasus, is the trademark and name of anonymous street artist who is predominately based in the North-East area of London. Originally from Chicago, his work is a mix between Hollywood culture and politics, showcasing icons such as, JFK, Amy Winehouse and the Royal family. “Pegasus has a tongue in cheek and often ironic approach with his subjects,” describes Villa.

Pegasus decided to create a painting of republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, dressed in the recognised Nazi uniform resembling him to the German Nazi leader himself, Hitler. The painting was found on the side of the Bristolian pub ‘Hen & Chicken’ earlier this year in February. However it is only recently that the artist and his manager have been receiving the majority of threats over telephone from the Trump supporters.

Huffington Post journalist, Lee Moran explains: “Pegasus only faced negative feedback following the announcement that he would be exhibiting a tweaked version of the piece in Los Angeles. Perhaps the idiots that were sending him death threats had only just picked up on his piece?”

However with the messages of a violent nature coming through in high volume, Villa contacted the LAPD to take action.

“The LAPD have taken the threats we have reported seriously. On arrival in Los Angeles for his tour, Pegasus  will meet with the LAPD to discuss the actions that will be taken to protect himself on the night of his opening.” continued Villa.

Pegasus is currently working on his first world tour, set to begin in London on the 16 July 2016. Then moving on to: Los Angeles, Cheshire, Paris, Berlin, Cape Town and Tokyo displaying his latest work. The tour is scheduled to return back home to London in the summer of 2017.

What can people expect to see next from the street artist? “Pegasus is bound to add new topical pieces along the way. We just have to wait and see.” concludes Villa.



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