The Ultimate Food Experience is Back

Culture, Food

Summer is here, and to celebrate the Street Feast Festival is back in town. Dalston Yard has once again opened up to dozens of street food venders and bars, open every Friday and Saturday all Summer long.

Since Summer has fallen upon England, or should we say the occasional sunshine and days that rise above 15 degrees, the food fest is back on the block for the fourth year in the row. Don’t let worries about the weather stop you going. With a short walk from the station and covered eating areas the rain can’t get in your way any time soon.

Experience tastes from all around the world, with everything to sweet candied bacon and maple syrup flavoured brownies and Vietnamese sriracha-drizzled noodles, there is bound to be something that catches your taste buds. You can even turn your trip in to a whole night-time affair and grab yourself a drink at The Gin Store or a pint from Frontier Bar, one of Street Feast’s favourite lagers in the UK.

If there’s anywhere to visit this summer time, Dalston Yard is a must. With unrivalled vibes, an array of good food and good company what more could you ask for for a chill summer night?

Image Credit

Street Feast board – taken from  Street Feast London courtesy of Caitlin Mogridge


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