6K8A7440Modulor hair salon joins underground Koncept store to create the ultimate culture hybrid

If you don’t look, you wont see. This is the attitude you must have when visiting Modulor. A door way built into Dalston’s Kingsland Highstreet leads the way down to an underground cellar, home to Koncept, a record store, clothing retailer, exhibition space and café and now Modulor hair salon.

Having only opened three weeks ago Modulor is a practicing hair salon. Inhabiting half of the basement, it is fitted with a basin, mirrors, chairs and luxury hair products by French fashion house Balmain.

In the depths of the basement is a brilliant alliance. The space is unaltered, the only decoration is of the sporadically painted walls in pink and black, with some featuring street style artwork. Modulor hair salon is the brain child of Florian Dovillez, which now sits alongside the business Koncept, owned by DJ Gregg Brockmann.

Having moved to Dalston four years ago as a fashion hair stylist, Florian Dovillez is a true master of his craft. He was born and raised in Montreal, France, where he learnt his profession as a hair artist. It was there where he began his career assisting other hair stylists, eventually building his own portfolio. He moved to London to catalyse his career: “Everything is here. My work is based within freelance studios in East London.”

With hair style and fashion running through the same vein, it is understandable that Dovillez can reel off countless fashion industry names he has collaborated with, “I have worked with Cara Delevigne, Browns, Gucci, Asos and Topshop” adding, “every season I do fashion shows in New York, Milan, London and Paris”.

The salon is mixture of an indulgent and economical lifestyle. Dovillez is particularly attached to the Balmain hair products he has on offer. It is clear he finds fashion and hair as a natural partnership. “As I work in Fashion, I use the brand Balmain.” He goes onto explain the juxtaposition: “It is a big contrast, Balmain is a luxury brand being used within this space, normally this product is used in luxury salons.”

The inspiration for the Koncept and Modulor unity was the unusual basement location. “We wanted to merge our concepts together. We wanted to keep it interesting, the underground concept and the bricks,” Dovillez explains. “Koncept is the name of the record shop, the name of the salon is Modulor, it means an architect in French. The changing of modules, the same as over time artists are going change, they change the world.”

Dovillez describes his creative vision: “The sections of the space move together. I like when we do the hair of a client in the salon, then they listen to a record, they are going along the space, every aspect is important.”

He has a great enthusiasm for the future of the space, “I want more Koncept stores.” The aim of the business is to go global, “maybe stores outside of London, one in Berlin, one in Lisbon; in places where things are happening. Big, more Modulor!”


Image credits

Modulor – Image taken by Trifonia Asmar


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