PANG art exhibition begins this month

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The upcoming event explores a juxtaposition of classical and graphic art, it will take over the underground art gallery and record store Koncept

This month artist PANG will exhibit her 50 piece show, beginning 6 May until 1 June. The exhibition will take place at Koncept, an underground exhibition space, Kingsland Road, Dalston.

PANG is a classically trained artist. Her speciality is portraiture, having previously studied 16th century oil paintings in Italy. She also creates graphic pieces in London where she has lived for 10 years.

The exhibition will showcase the variety of her works: pencil drawings, oil paintings, sketches and ceramics. The pieces will be shown across two rooms in the underground basement. One room is dedicated to her classic art and the other will display her contemporary creations. “We will be showing a vast majority of her work and we will be invading another hidden the space next to the shop,” tells her Creative director Ema Marinova.

“Her work contains a grisly, humorous narrative that vividly expresses her morbidly curious nature; questioning the social facade, the inner-self and humanity’s constant struggle between the two,” says Marinova.

The art explores the themes of psychology, mass social behaviour and the human form. “I took many instances from history which I felt could have some more attention, but I also created some pieces from my imagination,” PANG explains.

PANG is relocating to Lisbon in July 2016 where she will create her future pieces.
Visit Koncept, Kingsland High Street, Dalston, on 6 May to see the works of PANG, which will be exhibited until 1 June.

The following exhibition in June will feature the work of Ali Hamish. 



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